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Will my current processor will support hyper v?

Right now all IT world is migrating slowing to virtualization. I though i should also experience a virtualization technology. As I am working on Microsoft technologies, I choose Microsoft Hyper-V and not to go for other virtualization platform.

After deciding on virtualization platform, first question came in my mind that whether my current computer will support Hyper-v or not ?

After searching a lot on the web, i came across the Taylor Brown’s Blog, where he talks about about the Hyper-V and Virtualization. As my current processor is from Intel, I have downloaded Intel® Processor Identification Utility to check whether my processor support Hyper-V or not.

After running the utility I got to know that my current CPU doesn’t support Hyper-V and i have to buy new computer!!!

What is this ‘execute disable Bit means”?

Intel’s Execute Disable Bit¹ functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.

Execute Disable Bit allows the processor to classify areas in memory by where application code can execute and where it cannot. When a malicious worm attempts to insert code in the buffer, the processor disables code execution, preventing damage and worm propagation.

Replacing older computers with Execute Disable Bit-enabled systems can halt worm attacks, reducing the need for virus-related repairs. In addition, Execute Disable Bit may eliminate the need for software patches aimed at buffer overflow attacks. By combining Execute Disable Bit with anti-virus, firewall, spyware removal, e-mail filtering software, and other network security measures, IT managers can free IT resources for other initiatives.

You will find more information regarding Virtualization with Hyper V

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