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http verification .sms_aut () failed with status code 503, service unavailable

If MPControl.log file throwing error “http verification .sms_aut (<Port number>) failed with status code 503, service unavailable” then check for your IIS application pool. SMS management point pool and CCM server framework pool might have stopped.     For resolution please check site server’s for Netlogon service is stopped or not. Note: – After installing June … Continue reading

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  • Bypassing Disable PST files and Prevent PST file growth during Backup
    Hi, We gone back up pst across organization by 3rd party application on the centralized location. Backup solution uses VSS to create temp.pst before it backup to centralized location, however since organization already have   Disable PST files and Prevent PST file growth GPO applied, During backup it doent allow to create temp.pst (via vss) because of applie […]
  • OMS gateway and group policy
    Hi, Can i send the logs of all windows devices to OMS gateway using group policy. customer do not want to send logs through agent to avoid performance issues. As lot of agent install on the windows devices. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/jepayne/2015/11/23/monitoring-what-matters-windows-event-forwarding-for-everyone-even-if-you-already-have-a-siem/   C […]

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